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Geist - Fact + Fiction, North of America

Vol. 24, No. 88, Spring 2013

Geist is published four times a year by The Geist Foundation. Geist is a Canadian literary magazine of ideas and culture. We publish the best that we can find of narrative (fiction and non-fiction), essays, poetry, reviews, photography, drawings, comix, puzzles and miscellany—with a special interest in fresh interactions between text and image. We strive to be articulate, humorous and identifiably Canadian. Our mandate is to find and encourage a wide audience for new and established Canadian writers and artists of merit.

In this issue:   This issue of Geist—a carefully curated selection of not-so-Can-Lit Can Lit—features brand new fiction, non-fiction, poetry, comix, maps, and more. This is a limited print run so get your copy of Geist today!