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Boating Industry Canada

February 2014

Boating Industry Canada is a business-to-business magazine for and about the marine industry. It is geared to the marinas, boat builders and manufacturers, suppliers to the boating industry and marine distributors. It keeps those in the marine industry up to date on current trends, equipment and changes to government rules and regulations.

In this issue:   MANUFACTURING AND FABRICATION - Rediscovering relaxing weekends with C&L Boatworks; IMPACT - Second Generation, Continuing a Legend in Canadian boat sales; TOWING AND SALVAGE - Drew Robertson walks us through the facts about towing; THE BOAT SHOP - ABYC - Have you ever dreamed of designing your own boat? Corentine Bigot and the Westlawn Institute of Technology open the doors!; SPECIAL – RTCM - Setting the standards for Maritime Safety and Performance; and much more...